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Welcome to the Guildford U3A Photography Group

Our aim: To inspire you to create better photos

The Group

50 or so of us meet in Guildford every month to share photos and to learn. Beginners and experts, we use every sort of camera from compact to DSLR.

It's easy to make a good picture into a great one. We can show you how. How best to use your camera, how to compose the shot, and how to edit it afterwards to best effect.

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As a window on the wider world, we regularly exchange photos with Rotorua U3A in New Zealand.
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If you live in the Guildford area and would like to explore joining the group, please contact our leader David. You also need to be a member of Guildford U3A [new window].


selection - random gallery image
  Guildford: The High Street
  photo Jeff Harkman   5/12/2011  

selection - random gallery image
  Istanbul: Galata Tower
  photo David Pearce   29/10/2013  

selection - random gallery image
  Home: Victorian path
  photo Janet Thorpe   16/10/2011  

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